Often we see some change in bullish trend, someone name it as a pause, correction, bear market & recession & even some time as depression.

But when we see Correction on indices or weakness in economy, it doesn’t mean that all stock will start correct.

So its necessary to go stock specific to add gains in your portfolio.

We get Some stocks which are in bull or Strong Bull trend even in correction & recession.

One more thing, i want to add is that good Stocks always outperform the index, although if you don’t know how to select good stock, then its better to invest on indices.

Because, you can’t get good return, if you fail to select a good stock.

And the stock will run away along with your innerwear, if you add BAD stocks in your portfolio!

Jokes apart, equity is a risky asset, & it contains Good & bad equity stocks. So one should select the stocks very carefully for investing purpose. The expectation are simple from the selected stocks.

The select stocks must give the more return than inflation rate, bank FD rate, & index return along with time given.

Yes, Time is Money, So we must expect return even for time given for the stock.

Suppose, you have invested $1000 for 10 years in a stock & you got the same amount after selling it after 10 years, then it doesn’t mean that you didn’t get return, it means that you lost some amount of money. yeah, the stock has eaten your money as well as time. The value of $1000 will be come down after 10 years, when you calculate it by comparing with inflation.

So i repeat, Indices are always better than an average or BAD stock, whereas GOOD stocks are not less than any angels.

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