Call update:


DLF fut Low made 155.50, on 1.45 pm

DLF 160 PE high made 8.25, on 1.55 pm


in FUT: 5.5*1000= 5500/-

In Option: 3.15*1000= 3150/-

Shorted DLF FUT Below 161

Bought DLF 160 PE above 5.10

(Strategy 1& 2)

call generated on 10.40 AM



NIFTY Low Made 6126.05, on 2.00 pm

NIFTY  6200 PE High made 108.90, on 2.00 pm


in FUT: 51*50= 2550/-

In Option: 28.90*50= 1445/-

Shorted NIFTY FUT Below 6178

Bought NIFTY  6200 PE above 80.00

(Strategy 1& 2)

call generated on 10.46 AM



Tatasteel Fut Low made 332.15, on 1.45 pm

Tatasteel 330 PE High made 6.40 on 2.00 pm


in FUT: 1.35*1000= 1350/-

In Option: 0.9*1000= 900/-



(STATEGY 1 &2)



Dear Users/Readers, Please note:

From 21st Oct we are posting trading calls on our website are for paper trade only as those calls are generated with the help of our newly designed trading strategies, & are under testing for accuracy.
So we are requesting to all of you , kindly note down all the trading calls as we have post it,you can verify it (timeframe & market price) with market & do paper trade to calculate the profit/loss,accuracy,success ration of the same.
Currently we find a bug in that is, it doesn’t decide stop loss level & target level, so it create totally naked position,so we are working on to fix the same.

once it passes our all quality test, we will make it available for our users.

Till, we request do not trade on that calls, as those are posted only for accuracy testing purpose.

Call Update:

exited short position in Reliance Fut  cost to cost (@ 905.50)

Low made 902.00 on 1.45 PM

exited Long position in Reliance 900 PE cost to cost (@ 11.50) 

High made 12.65 on 1.28 PM


Short RELIANCE FUT Below 905.50

Buy RELIANCE 900 PE above 11.50

(Strategy 1& 2)

call generated on 01.10 PM




TCS FUT CMP: 2090 & 2100 CE CMP: 30


IN TCS FUT: 10*250=2500/-

IN 2100 CE: 5*250= 1250/-



BUY TCS FUT @ 2100

Buy TCS 2100 CE @ 35.00

(Strategy 1& 2)

call generated on 11.00 AM


Call update:

Call Update:

TCS FUT Low made 2060 on 1.00 PM, Short created at 2279

TCS 2100 PE high made 62.00 on 1.00 PM, long created at 46.50

Profit in TCS Fut:19*250=4750/-

Profit in TCS 2100PE:15.5*250=3875/-


Short TCS FUT Below 2080

Buy TCS 2100 PE above 46.00

(Strategy 1& 2)

call generated on 11.10 AM

Testing new strategies

We are happy to announce that we have developed 2 new trading Strategies, which are under review to test the accuracy / success ratio of the same.Once it passes our requirement & expected success ratio, it will be available for retail client with specific charges.

As above mentioned currently we are testing the accuracy of calls generated by those 2 Strategies.

so we have decided to post all real time trading calls on our website with time frame for some period & those will be followed for paper trade as it has not tested yet.

Our client, readers can track & test the accuracy of our new strategies.

The calls will be posted as it is generated with delay of 5-10 mins.


my view on market & stock

Market might show new High in coming days.. but i am Not bullish on ITC, but it dosn’t mean that I’m going short on ITC.

High risk traders can earn premium by writing CE & PE of out of money of ITC oct contract.

Axis bank will zoom if trade & close above 1142-1150 levelm then target we might see above 1200-1260 n coming days, Stoploss should be trailed time to time or osition should be hedged to avoid loss.

As per me this market is Buy on Dips, not Sell on rise. So wait for fall in intraday to enter Long position & exit at high level (not short).


& lastly ….

Banknifty main TEJI abhi baki hai mere dost……….!


* read T & C before reading/ following/ usong the website / or any post.

Stocks i Long on..

I am Long on ………

 JP asso @ 42.60 for target of 45.00

tatasteel @ 306 for target of 316

DLF @ 156 for target of 171.00  .

Rcom @153 for target of 162 .

bharati @ 337 for target of 355 .

nifty for target of 6250 & above…

banknifty for target of 11500 & 122200…..

all target expectations are for coming days.

* T & C Apply.

* Please note: all my views doesn’t mean any offer to buy / sell any stock/index/ commodity to anyone, position will be taken on your own risk.