How much return we can expect from Stock & commodity market?

Generally Stock market goes up.Now come to the question,
How much return we can expect from Stock & commodity market or an investor can earn by trading/investing in stocks or commodities? an investor who has diversified portfolio with well balanced Large cap stocks, often gets good returns.

Many peoples think that intraday traders can earn more than investor, but in actual the reality is different.

Sometimes intraday traders get good returns even daily 1-5% per day when market is in euphoria stage, Even Shortsellers also earns the same return when market suffers from high selloff recession stage, BUT wait, wait, wait, it is not easy as we think, those trades are high risk high return deals.So its not a everyone’s business.

Just imagine, a brave hunter enters in the cave of lion & catch the diamonds felled near the neck of slept lion & run out before king lion get wakes up. can you do it without any mistake? intraday trading is not different than the above story.

So, its better to stay Investor & be tension-free. An investor with good knowledge can earn easily 15-25% return per year.

Skilled Positional investor, who has better knowledge & deep study of that sector along with balancesheet analysis & technical skills, can earn more than 30-60% return per year.

Most of intraday trader waste their precious time, huge money, & neurons on the process or condition whatever you say, on which you don’t know what to happen, & is not in their control.instead of that hardly 2-5% intraday traders make money, & others loose their wealth.So doing intraday trading is not less risky than driving a vehicle in death circle.Database of returns earned by intraday traders is not accurate in media,as those who loose wealth leave the market permanently with blaming that stock market is a pure gambling.Whereas stockbrokers always say that intraday trader is a king, as they get their 99.99% revenue from intraday traders.

All in all if you don’t know anything in about Stock market, you should invest in mutual funds only.

You can become longterm investor, if you have some knowledge & taken a advice from investment advisor.

You can do positional trading/investing & earn better returns, if you are expert in reading chart signals, understand balancesheets along with better terminal skill, speed of placing orders & good experience of trading minimum 2-4 years.

Final words: before doing trading/investing you must work on your financial management, risk acceptable, calculating all earnings & its sources,& other factors.Don’t forget to discuss with your finacial advisor/portfolio manager before investing single penny in stock market, because afterall its your money. Happy investing.

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