Dear User/Reader/visitor, Our Trading Systems are currently not available for shop, However, both trading strategies are available for free trial.

Our winning Trading Systems are:

  • Intraday trading in Index Future
  • Intraday trading in Index Option
  • Intraday trading in Stock Futures with MUDRA INDICATOR
  • Positional Trading in Index Future
  • Positional Trading in Index Option
  • Positional Trading in Stock Futures
  • forex trading
  • International Commodity trading

Currently, our MUDRA INDICATOR  (which is designed specially for intraday trading) & FROG STRATEGY (which is designed for positional trading) are ready for free trial. You can take a free trial to test the performance of live trade. MUDRA INDICATOR has been specially developed for Intraday trading in Stock Futures & has high success ratio. We have developed FROG STRATEGY especially for positional trading,  We have noted down a 3 month live trade report of both strategies which was daily updated on google spreadsheet. The trades has been taken on more than 40 stocks along with both indices, & noted down it on spreadsheet without doctored. In those spreadsheet, you can see the performance of both indicator. You can verify the trades with chart data by using tradingview charts or on any other software  which provides historical option data.

To take the trial you can contact us by email.

* Terms & Conditions Apply.

*These trading systems should NOT be used for REAL trading, we alert & remind you that, these strategies are provided only for demo/paper trading, NOT FOR ACTUAL TRADING.
* No refund policy is available under any circumstances, you can request demo before buy the same.
* Our trading system/strategy has contains selected indicators, patterns,studies & strategies. We have tested it by doing deep study & improved it. We have taken many quality tests before launch it, event though we didn’t commit any type returns by using the system/strategy.So user should use it on his own risk,as we are providing it for study purpose only.
* we did not sell/distribute any software, you should have to buy it, if  needed.Our strategy Can be used on free software like MT4, you can use it on Paid software if you had bought it.


  • Alert: We have noticed that some spammers use our name  to send stock tips, fraud sms, emails. Please remember that, We never send stock tips or any msg/email which suggest to invest in stock.
  • We don’t have any connection with other websites or firms with name ” eaglemoney”. So don’t transact with them just because of name similarities.
  • Before proceed, please check that you have visited our authorized website i.e. or 
  • If you received any msg, email which contains stock tips, pls report it to regulators.

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