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The second love of Indian traders, off course, NIFTY moved north almost a thousand point from last month.

I have posted a bullish expectation in last post, see it here.

While BANKNIFTY moved upward with 3000 points.

matter is whether you have made money or not?

Anyway will share my views, when get the time.

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see below my today’s trades. you can cross verify the levels, prices.

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Looks like a honeymoon in ZEEL is over & the operators ate the honey & the moon will be go to speep soon. Expects some correction from this level, for positional short, 385 should be Strict SL.

** Not for trade.

** just a view for edu. purpose.

EOD chart

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Do you Love google than TCS?

Do you eger to invest in US stocks like google, apple, tesla than indian stocks like TCS, INFY?

Then this chart is specially for you!

just watch this chart.

TCS outperformed google

On 01 Feb 2007 & 01 Sep 2009, the prices of alphabet inc (i.e. google) & TCS are same. (Forget currency factor)

In Nov 2021, TCS is around 3560 & Google is around 2970, means TCS has given more return.

Wait, wait….. I know you want to say that in 2007/2009 the USDINR was near 45 & its now 74, so investment in google has given good return. But i want to ask you some questions;

Will you sell google stock held by you? if sold, then in which stock you invest?

Have you calculated the dividend paid by TCS?

Can you get hedging tools easily in US market than indian market?

If the Answers are not clear then i ask you why Google? And why not TCS?

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US oil monthly chart

The chart indicates that the bull rally is still remained in US oil as well as UK oil (brent crude oil). any correction around $ 65- $60 might be good opportunity to enter long. Expecting move above $100, $120 in coming months.Going stort in oil before any sell signal is very dangerous, as it might break previous level of year 2007.

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  • ** information shared only for study purpose