QE is about to go back..

And finally its time to going back of QE3 package, along with date of interest rate hike may be announced..

The decision might be come in FED meeting..

So its better to stay either light position or Hedge the Holding properly, to avoid loss against sudden fall/rise &/or increased volatility.

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Update of stock views

Update of stock views posted on 25 Aug 2014

Bearish view posted on 25 aug


Closing price on 25 aug 2014 :7906.30

Low made  7723.85 on 17 Oct 2014, but high made before that was 8180



closing price on 25 aug 2014: 556.05

Low made  434.90 on on 08 Oct 2014



Closing price on 25 aug 2014 : 398.75

Low made 370.25  on 26 sep 2014



Closing price on 25 aug 2014 :60.58

High made 62.2775 on 01 oct 2014


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My view on global indices (fut)

Dax @ make or break level major fall below 8750 bullish only above 9500 weekly closesell on rise

Dow Weekly wait n watch

EURUSDWeekly going agressive long might be risky safely long only above 12990 colsing

Hang seng Weekly sell on rise remove short if close above 23550

Hang seng: strategy: sell on rise, remove short if close above 23550.

Dax : Trading at make or break level, major fall below 8750 (closing), bullish only above 9500 (weekly close), till sell on rise.

Dow :Weekly wait n watch

EURUSD: Going aggressive long might be risky, safely long only above 1.2990 (closing)


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* Charts & trading levels are only for study purpose.

We are upgrading the Trading System

Dear Clients please note:

Current version of Our Trading System will not be available for shop, as we are upgrading the system for better performance.

The updated trading system will be available with new price within few days.

* older version will continue be running on terminal for existing clients.

* T & A Apply.