Charting Software Training

A Training to use, add self study & read the patterns, trading signals on most Leading Charting Softwares like ODIN,  Ninja trader, Fcharts, meta trader.

* Please Note: The above mentioned softwares might not be available for free, we teach on demo version, if available. You should have to buy the software from the genuine vendor, if you want to use it. we don’t provide/sell any charting software. Don’t use/distribute/promote Pirated version of any software (including charting), go genuine & Stop piracy! (most of (99.99%) Pirated softwares contains malicious codes/viruses, which may create huge loss, if it catches your passwords & other financial details, & its not a difficult task to find out the same for any virus/worm/Trojans.)

* A free service for chart Study is available on, yahoo finance, icharts,


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