Triggers ahead ! trade carefully..

Equity markets are trading sideways, as traders are waiting for upcoming big triggers.

Next triggers can move & shake all equity, Forex & commodity markets & we may some surprise movement.

We should stay alert with well hedged positions in all segment when Egypt’s decision come on or near Jan 25, ECB may announce QE on / before or after Jan 22.

There is some rumors about Japan’s one more big QE, it can be a major trigger if happened.

Although, falling commodity prices especially Crude & strengthen USD making preparation for Global slowdown.

There is no any symptoms of reversal in crude in these days, but going fresh short is a risky game.

world bank lowered global growth forecast, is also not a good sign.

It think its time to stay away from low & medium quality stocks & stay with quality stocks. Global triggers may give positive surprise but average quality stocks may start reversing to its previous low.

I’m not too much Bearish on indices but negative on average quality stocks,& not bullish on most of commodity prices.

Charts are not saying that EUR/USD is good to buy & USD/JPY is good to sell, so go with trend is better for traders.

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