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Dear visitors, please Note: we don’t have any connection with http://www.eaglemoney.co.in , http://www.eaglemoney.com , eaglemoney.eu, http://www.eaglemoney.net or any domain name contains Eagle Money.

So we area not responsible for any transaction carried out on all above websites.

About EagleMoney.in

We are working in capital market as an Independent Technical Chartist* from Last 15 Years.

We Analyze, Track & Study most of Global INDEX Like : DOW 30, NASDAQ, S&P 500, FTSE, DAX, CAC, NIKKEI, SENSEX, NIFTY & Global Markets like, NYSE, NYMAX, COMEX, CBOT, LME.

We study technical levels with deep knowledge in  Equity ,Derivatives, Commodity,Currency Market, However, it should be used only for study purpose not for actual trading**.

We Post free Technical levels & study in COMEX (Gold, Silver), NYMAX (Crude Oil, Natural Gas) , & CBOT (SOYA Bean & Oil, Maize, Sugar, Wheat, ), FOREX (EURUSD, GBPUSD,JPYUSD,) & MAJOR WORLD INDICES on our site.

We give a Training of MT4 software for a interested trader (on Demo a/c).

*** Study & technical levels provided/published on our website/blog or any other webpost should not be used for actual trading or investing, we post all those study only for study purpose


Risk & Rewards in Trading with Technical & Fundamentals :

Trading/investing in Stock / Commodity / Currency / forex market is quite risky & Nobody can assure you guaranteed income from trading.

Market is always moves volatile, there is always tonnes of opportunities to earn. but one thing is most important that every trader/investor should select the stock/commodity/contract on which he has a focus/study & ready to trade with strict Stop loss.

 There is a possibility to earn profit by taking some calculated risk, with the help of technical charts, not any guaranty/warranty, Because Market moves on PURE FUNDAMENTALS, although sometimes we see some Technical pullbacks & corrections.

Nobody can catch Fundamental news at the right time (as soon as it release), & following news lately might not give you profit & you can not check accuracy/ source of the news, as it may be rumor. (many times traders/investors easily get trapped due to some rumors). So its better to go with technical than trading blindly.


Trading/Investing in Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency, forex is Quite Highly risky & you may lose all or more than the capital of the invested.
Traders/Investors must consult with their Portfolio manager & Financial Advisor before trade or invest. The author, directors and/or employees of EAGLE MONEY cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the content posted on website/blog or for decisions taken by the readers based on such information/posts,comments,views & studies.

We alert to every visitor/ Reader/ follower & user that any post/trading level/study posted on our website/blog or any other website should be used  for demo/paper trading & one should not trade in actual by following our study/calls/level. Hence we are not resposibble for any type of loss of any visitor/reader/ follower of this website/blog, if anybody use it for real trading.Read Terms & Conditions For More Details.

* To respect fundamentals & check any major event we use some sites like forexfactory.com , investing.com

Our Suggession about Trading : Go with Technical Signals & Trail Your Stoploss Time to Time, Respect The Stoploss, Be aware about Big Events & other Fundamentals & respect them.

To get updates by us on twitter follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/eaglemoneyin



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