Problems never comes ALONE !

Problems never comes ALONE …….!

It seems like bad time of market has been started or is about to start….

Problems for global economies are started one by one…

US FED stopped Bond Buying Program… (QE3)

Euro & almost all currencies depreciated against USD

The cold war of currency depreciation has been repeated by policy makers of major countries (the mistake has been repeated of the great depreciation of 1920, & the History might be repeating itself.)

Crude going down.

Not seen a celebration (big rally) even after Japan’s QE

we have already seen the bubble of Silver & Gold busted before the QE3 going back. (before announce of QE we have seen bubble bust of real estate in US)

Correcting most of commodity prices.

Slow down news from China, Japan.

Downgrade of Japan

Global Equity market are correcting one by one… Shanghai….Rusia… nikkei….. Dax… Dow… India….. So… & so…..

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Tech Study

DE30EURDaily short below9400

             DE30 Daily short below 9400

JP225USDDaily short sl above 17550

JP225 Daily short sl above 17550

US30USDDaily short below 17000

            US30 Daily short below 17000 

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Chance of Reversal ?

We have seen sharp fall in almost all global indices as well as most stocks in last week, due to fear of global slowdown. So all Long positions are either booked or triggered stoplosses.

Going Short at this time on global Indices & Stocks is quite risky, its definately sell signal but “not Short sell”.

we must wait for a weekly close to analyse & confirm Short sell signal, till better to wait & stay light in position.

Falling commodity prices will create problems to all economies, & its a effect of currency war.

Most of global indices may top out & start correcting, if ECB doesn’t take favourable decisions, although signal are not clear So better to avoid aggressive positions.

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