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US Soyabean Chart

see below is the chart of Soyabean Chart traded on CBOt exchange.

Looks like soyabean take support here, and prices may get support from crop damage in india, china US trade war. Any slide in INR against USD will be more profitable for indian traders. Anyway, this my personal view, this study should not be assumed as any long or short recommendation.

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Get NCDEX commodities Prices on Whatsapp

Dear Traders, you can get NCDEX commodities Prices on your whatsapp number.

To start the alert, you have to save this NCDEX whatsapp number 8879223388

After saving this number you have to send the following message on the above whatsapp number.


This is <Name>

I am interested in <commodity name> information

and send this message. you will start getting updates on your mobile.



This is <Eagle>

I am interested in <Gold> information

  • Visit & Contact Ncdex website, if you have any problem in getting alert.

Option Trading opportunity in Agro commodity

Ncdex has announced about launching of option contract in Guar seed.

the trading Symbol for future is GUARSEED10 on NCDEX site & trader’s terminal.

Reuters Instrumental Code for Guar seed is 0#NGU:

All of the traders in agro commodity, already knew that Guar seed & Guar Gum are the most traded contracts in agro pack.

8-9 years back, we have seen huge rally in Guar. traders got very huge returns in that time.

Anyway that time trader must have to trade in future only , but now traders will get a chance to trade in options by paying premium only.

keep visiting NCDEX website for further updates related to launching of option contract in Guar Seed.

Happy Trading!