My Tradebook

My Tradebook

I have designed a special indicator named MUDRA INDICATOR , which has comparatively very good accuracy, which is very useful for intraday trading. I have started to track the call record of the performance of this MUDRA INDICATOR, So i note down the trades when the trade levels triggers as indicated by MUDRA INDICATOR. In that tradebook, i have noted all trades generated by MUDRA, & entered all loss & profitable trades politely without any manipulation. I thought to share the performance of the indicator with viewers. Now all free users can see, track & verify my trades taken on based on Mudra indicator.

click here to open trading level spreadsheet file, with the help for this file, you can paper trade in NSE F&O market.

For details, please see the explanation video, which will guide you how to trade with these levels.

Traders can earn easily 1% to 20% per day with this strategy. (most of the time every, trade gives 8% to 40% return in option whereas a hedged trade can give 1-2% profit per pair trade.)

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