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In Previous post I have shared performance of Basic positional strategy. Just have a look on below charts.

In last week of Jan Month & starting of Feb month we have seen a big dramatically move which unexpected in stocks of one group. But comparatively we seen small move in index, because index is the sum of major stocks. So if we trade in individual stocks, we might get good returns than index,But it carries moderate risk than index.

In our Advanced Positional Trading strategy, we have minimized risk with increased profit possibility, So we get better profit, even trading margin increased or stock came under ban. Anyway, the main intention of this post is that trading in stocks is better than index with this strategy. The first chart is Adanient, the strategy generated short signal on 10th Jan.2022 & doesn’t changed till 3rd Feb,2023. Whereas we have seen mixed trend in NIFTY as shown in 2nd chart. HDFCBANK gave position return & closed flat later till 3rd feb (as shown in 3rd chart), whereas SBIN & LICI witnessed heavy selloff in particular period.

So the point is that, if we create (Long/Short) positions in stocks, as per strategy, we can get good return due to move, but if we take positions in Indices, the move is limited, mostly mixed,range bound due to which limited profit or poor accuracy has been resulted.

This post doesn’t suggest any LONG or SHORT on any stock or index, this is just a summary of trading in stocks versus indices.

Trading In stock is risky & derivative trading adds moderate risk, So Never trade without detailed knowledge, & guidance of financial expert.

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Performance of basic positional strategy

Here, I’m sharing Performance of my basic positional strategy, which was automatically tested by TradingView strategy tester. Here, you see, performance, list of trades & related details. Please see following images. This strategy has been tested on Banknifty Future contract.

One point I want to add that, the performance of Advanced positional strategy is better than basic, but it has build with additional changes & the updated parameters & conditions are difficult to add in TradingView strategy/indicator, So I can’t share the performance of Advanced positional strategy with TradingView automated tester. But manual testing & performance has been posted in previous posts, where i have posted snapshot of spreadsheet in which live trades has been recorded.

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