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Eager to see how my trades works?

see below my today’s trades. you can cross verify the levels, prices.

To cross verify, track & feel the excitement in the live trading, just mail us, we will give a demo period, in which period, you can view our trades in live market, see our to do trades before it go live, pre market entry levels & stoploss, tragets etc.


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Looks like a honeymoon in ZEEL is over & the operators ate the honey & the moon will be go to speep soon. Expects some correction from this level, for positional short, 385 should be Strict SL.

** Not for trade.

** just a view for edu. purpose.

EOD chart

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Do you Love google than TCS?

Do you eger to invest in US stocks like google, apple, tesla than indian stocks like TCS, INFY?

Then this chart is specially for you!

just watch this chart.

TCS outperformed google

On 01 Feb 2007 & 01 Sep 2009, the prices of alphabet inc (i.e. google) & TCS are same. (Forget currency factor)

In Nov 2021, TCS is around 3560 & Google is around 2970, means TCS has given more return.

Wait, wait….. I know you want to say that in 2007/2009 the USDINR was near 45 & its now 74, so investment in google has given good return. But i want to ask you some questions;

Will you sell google stock held by you? if sold, then in which stock you invest?

Have you calculated the dividend paid by TCS?

Can you get hedging tools easily in US market than indian market?

If the Answers are not clear then i ask you why Google? And why not TCS?

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  • *** information is not for trade invest.

US oil monthly chart

The chart indicates that the bull rally is still remained in US oil as well as UK oil (brent crude oil). any correction around $ 65- $60 might be good opportunity to enter long. Expecting move above $100, $120 in coming months.Going stort in oil before any sell signal is very dangerous, as it might break previous level of year 2007.

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  • ** information shared only for study purpose

Live Rates & charts

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US Soyabean Chart

see below is the chart of Soyabean Chart traded on CBOt exchange.

Looks like soyabean take support here, and prices may get support from crop damage in india, china US trade war. Any slide in INR against USD will be more profitable for indian traders. Anyway, this my personal view, this study should not be assumed as any long or short recommendation.

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Get NCDEX commodities Prices on Whatsapp

Dear Traders, you can get NCDEX commodities Prices on your whatsapp number.

To start the alert, you have to save this NCDEX whatsapp number 8879223388

After saving this number you have to send the following message on the above whatsapp number.


This is <Name>

I am interested in <commodity name> information

and send this message. you will start getting updates on your mobile.



This is <Eagle>

I am interested in <Gold> information

  • Visit & Contact Ncdex website, if you have any problem in getting alert.

Option Trading opportunity in Agro commodity

Ncdex has announced about launching of option contract in Guar seed.

the trading Symbol for future is GUARSEED10 on NCDEX site & trader’s terminal.

Reuters Instrumental Code for Guar seed is 0#NGU:

All of the traders in agro commodity, already knew that Guar seed & Guar Gum are the most traded contracts in agro pack.

8-9 years back, we have seen huge rally in Guar. traders got very huge returns in that time.

Anyway that time trader must have to trade in future only , but now traders will get a chance to trade in options by paying premium only.

keep visiting NCDEX website for further updates related to launching of option contract in Guar Seed.

Happy Trading!

Broker selection

Generally many traders/ investors are confused about broker selection.

Brokers having two categories.

Full service brokers.

Discount brokers

Full service brokers are those who provide you all service into trading , investing. like he mail you early in the morning a report which contains last day’s FII, DII data, world market trend, crude, USDINR data,investment picks, trading calls for the day & bla bla bla… Full service brokers provide you a terminal on which you can see charts.he provide you some exposer for trading. But his brokerage slab is expensive, this is the one painful thing, which causes clients run off after some duration of trading, & the client start trading with discount broker.

Discount brokers are those who generally provide you semi-algo terminal like nest, or similar next generation software. But discount broker don’t send/mail you any financial awareness report which might increase your knowledge. most of discount broker don’t provide IPO service. they have high pledging charges.BUT they apply you very very low brokerage taxes compared to full service broker.

So which is best?

if you don’t need any help in market research , having good intraday strategy, enough trading capital then discount broker can be better choice. but if you want to trade on exposer derived from pledging your holding then discount broker might not be good choice. discount broker provide you cover/bracket order which are very useful in intraday trading as you can place 3 orders without paying extra margin. discount brokers compulsory sqare off your holding before market close.but full service broker can give you some time to pay cheque or BTST facility without paying extra margin (its depend upon your relation on broker & his flexibility). Full service broker & his dealers call you when your position is in profit/loss, as they are monitoring all clients position, this is a good advantage if you are not always in front of screen. All in all both are good, the main point is that what are your requirement?

As per my opinion, high or low brokerage is not any issue or don’t affect on your balance, if you have good trading strategy.i have seen many traders, who previously blamed to full service broker due to high charges they have lost money. And even shifted to discount broker, they are still losing money! Reason? because they stopped learning, analyzing & started overtrading as their brokerage is now almost zero. so they buy & sell continuously within some small points. overtrading is the weapon which kills the knowledge of traders. So i say trade less but perfect! enjoy!

Happy Trading!

How much return we can expect from Stock & commodity market?

Generally Stock market goes up.Now come to the question,
How much return we can expect from Stock & commodity market or an investor can earn by trading/investing in stocks or commodities? an investor who has diversified portfolio with well balanced Large cap stocks, often gets good returns.

Many peoples think that intraday traders can earn more than investor, but in actual the reality is different.

Sometimes intraday traders get good returns even daily 1-5% per day when market is in euphoria stage, Even Shortsellers also earns the same return when market suffers from high selloff recession stage, BUT wait, wait, wait, it is not easy as we think, those trades are high risk high return deals.So its not a everyone’s business.

Just imagine, a brave hunter enters in the cave of lion & catch the diamonds felled near the neck of slept lion & run out before king lion get wakes up. can you do it without any mistake? intraday trading is not different than the above story.

So, its better to stay Investor & be tension-free. An investor with good knowledge can earn easily 15-25% return per year.

Skilled Positional investor, who has better knowledge & deep study of that sector along with balancesheet analysis & technical skills, can earn more than 30-60% return per year.

Most of intraday trader waste their precious time, huge money, & neurons on the process or condition whatever you say, on which you don’t know what to happen, & is not in their control.instead of that hardly 2-5% intraday traders make money, & others loose their wealth.So doing intraday trading is not less risky than driving a vehicle in death circle.Database of returns earned by intraday traders is not accurate in media,as those who loose wealth leave the market permanently with blaming that stock market is a pure gambling.Whereas stockbrokers always say that intraday trader is a king, as they get their 99.99% revenue from intraday traders.

All in all if you don’t know anything in about Stock market, you should invest in mutual funds only.

You can become longterm investor, if you have some knowledge & taken a advice from investment advisor.

You can do positional trading/investing & earn better returns, if you are expert in reading chart signals, understand balancesheets along with better terminal skill, speed of placing orders & good experience of trading minimum 2-4 years.

Final words: before doing trading/investing you must work on your financial management, risk acceptable, calculating all earnings & its sources,& other factors.Don’t forget to discuss with your finacial advisor/portfolio manager before investing single penny in stock market, because afterall its your money. Happy investing.

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