Todays Trades on the basis of MUDRA indicator

It has been a long time since i haven’t posted my trades here, due to busy in my schedule.

Some user’s asked me by mail, has the MUDRA indicator is still working better, or it works on some phases?

So i decided to post my today’s trades along with clarification of MUDRA indicator.

MUDRA indicator is not a indicator which works in some bull/bear or sideways trend. it works in all cycles & phases. In a google spreadsheet I have recorded all trades from Dec 2021 to Feb 2022, this period was full of all cycles.And the strategy has worked well in all the day.

MUDRA INDICATOR has been developed after continuous work of 3 years. After that, i have back tested it on last 8 years data. After satisfaction of back testing I have tested it in live market, & recorded all trades (with calculation of maximum loss, minimum profit, to know the biggest draw down). After testing it in live market, i have made it available for traders for free trial. The result of live trading for 3+ years is very good.

After final touch of this indicator i have posted all 3 months live trades on google sheet, where you can see how it worked.

I didn’t got time to update the sheet, from last months i received many mails asking about the accuracy & the performance in now days, So thought to update today’s trades here.

The trades taken today in live market with timestamp are as below.

alternately, you can visit the spread sheet here.

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