Problems never comes ALONE !

Problems never comes ALONE …….!

It seems like bad time of market has been started or is about to start….

Problems for global economies are started one by one…

US FED stopped Bond Buying Program… (QE3)

Euro & almost all currencies depreciated against USD

The cold war of currency depreciation has been repeated by policy makers of major countries (the mistake has been repeated of the great depreciation of 1920, & the History might be repeating itself.)

Crude going down.

Not seen a celebration (big rally) even after Japan’s QE

we have already seen the bubble of Silver & Gold busted before the QE3 going back. (before announce of QE we have seen bubble bust of real estate in US)

Correcting most of commodity prices.

Slow down news from China, Japan.

Downgrade of Japan

Global Equity market are correcting one by one… Shanghai….Rusia… nikkei….. Dax… Dow… India….. So… & so…..

* T & C Apply.

* Views & expressions don’t means that it is a recommendation for buy/sell/hold any stock/index/commodity.

* views & posts are only for study purpose.

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