Our 1st Target in Tatasteel (360.00) has been achieved yesterday.

TATAMOTORS is trading near SL level. One should exit the position,If close below SL levelBUT those traders who has hedged the position, can hold as I’m expecting some movement on either side.

Our Long Call in CIPLA has been activated yesterday.

Our Long Call in MCDOWELL has been activated yesterday, & one should book the profit around 2575-2600, CMP: 2583.00

Our Long call in SSLT has been Activated & 1st target (178.00) achieved yesterday.

Short call in M&M has been activated in 18th march & M&M is trading near 2nd Target (970), CMP:984, its better to book the profit.

Our Short Call in Hero has been activated yesterday, one should book the profit at level of 2060


*T & C Apply.

* Stoploss should be respected on Closing Basis not for intraday, SL can be easily triggered in intraday, if unexpected fall/rise comes for a seconds. So it is necessary that the Traders/investors should hedge their position properly to avoid loss occurred due to triggering SL followed by unexpected fall/rise in stock/index.

* The Aim of hedging is to minimize the losses & protect the holding from unexpected/big movement. 

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